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What's Included

Boiler Room boilerplates come complete with everything needed to start your application.

Configuration Options#

Outlined below are the configuration options available when creating your boilerplate.

Base language#

You can choose whether to create a Javascript application or Typescript application.

Application type#

Boiler Room offers the option to create a full-stack application (client and server) or an API application (server only).

Full stack applications are fully configured for client server communication in both development and production environments. Sample endpoints are included and fully documented.

API applications are great if you are looking to create a standalone API or if you want to decouple your client and server applications. Sample endpoints are included and fully documented.


You can choose if you would like your boilerplate to include the necessary code and infrastructure to connect to and interact with MongoDB (using Mongoose ORM).


Scalable logging is critical in any application. With Boiler Room you can use Winston to log data your application produces. Out of the box, Winston is configured to log all network requests and API errors your application produces. Winston can be easily extended to work with any log management tool.

If you are not interested in logging, or plan to use a different log tool, you can choose to log network requests and API errors to the console instead.


You can choose whether or not to include ESLint in your application. ESLint statically analyzes your code to quickly find problems, many of which can be automatically fixed.

By selecting to include ESLint in your Boiler Room boilerplate, we handle the set up and configuration of ESLint to work within your project. We also make it play nicely with Typescript and Mongoose.

You can customise ESLint further to suit your preferences - see here.

Other treats#

Boiler Room boilerplates also include hot refreshing for both client and server while developing.

All boilerplates include sample endpoints to demonstrate communication between client and server.